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Discussion on: The Most Important Non-Programming Skills for Programmers

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Stephen E. Chiang

I think the one thing missing from your list is curiosity. For me, it's really important my teammate is curious about our work and is proactive in contributing to the team's overall proficiency. Other than that you've pretty much hit every criteria that goes through my head when evaluating a potential teammate.

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Yes, curiosity++!

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Ali Spittel Author • Edited

Oh, I really really like that one -- it's so important to just try things and keep growing as a developer.

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faridos • Edited

Thank you so much for this awesome article.. I'm with stephen on this,curiosity is part of this list.
As an immigrant software engineer, i saw that team members suffer the most from the lack of communication skills,especially when it comes to a foreign developers dealing with each others.

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Michael Kochell • Edited

I feel the same way. I believe that interest and perseverance are the two most important things to becoming good at anything. As long as you are interested, you can continue to learn, and not just go through the motions while learning. It provides an attitude to always challenge yourself and continually become better and better as you learn. It's what keeps it on your mind when you're AFK.