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Discussion on: IPFS - The Decentralized Web Is Finally Here

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Jonathan Thorne

Here's the problem I've had with IPFS and why I don't think it'll have longterm viability:

It's not really built for large scale webpages that make up most of the internet (or rather, what most of the internet uses).

I guess on some levels that's fine. Any social media, for instance, could not be IPFS, not easily. However, if all the things posted to there (all externally linked resources) are IPFS, that would be a different story.

The other problem though is the sheer size. If I'm running IPFS, and I want to store versions of the IPFS sites so that it's always there, eventually (as IPFS becomes bigger and bigger) my need for larger storage gets greater and greater.

This is fine for me, I have a NAS device, and I have 20tb in my computer itself. I don't mind the space, i doubt I ever will. But, as someone who works in computer repair as a side business, and has worked in a non-profit IT setting, let me tell you the amount of users bordering on no space on their computer is really really high.

I think it's a cool concept. I don't think it's the next big thing.

Also, your IPFS links aren't working for me. I'll try again shortly.

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Henry Quinn Author

Yeah, I need to fix the IPFS links in my footer. A dev from Protocol reached out and let me know they should be all lowercase CID’s so that the error you’re seeing doesn’t happen.

There’s actually some stuff in the world to make big social sites possible on IPFS. Right now I think the main bottleneck is the speed in which your request traverses the network looking for the right bit of content.

Once pubsub gets officially folded into the main network, it should be relatively easy to make things like chat apps or social sites or anything else that relies on dynamic content.

That all paired with stuff like OrbitDB are gonna make that transition easier.

Good topic for another blog article!