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Discussion on: How I'm using Vue Slots on my site

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Alex Chiu

Yes of course, so for example in one of my early Vue projects where I had no idea what i was doing. I started writing a mixin which handles all of my HTTP requests to firebase.

I noticed in other projects , this was handled much better as plugin instead, this allowed for you to extend the Vue object, so you could do something like this.$http.get() or this.$ etc inside a vue component. This seems a lot cleaner! It's left me wondering in which circumstance would a mixin be better choice over a plugin? like you said, perhaps mixins are going out the door with vue 3?

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Samantha Ming Author

Ah gotcha! Thanks for clarifying! That's a good question -- I have been avoiding mixins so I'm not sure when it is advantageous πŸ€” Let me dig into it and see what I find πŸ‘