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My neogcamp level zero journey

Hello there my friends today i am gonna write about my neogcamp level zero journey so you might think about what is neogcamp . so let me explain neogcamp is a web development bootcamp where a person who is selected for level one will do code and learn rigorously for six months and after that he will be able to do any kind of work related to web development. sounds cool na but for that you have to do a lots of hard work. so to qualify level one you have to complete level zero assignments which are fifteen of them where you will learn beginner level of javascript,reactjs,HTML,CSS etc and these lesson are available on sir tanay pratap youtube channel just you have to search tanay pratap on youtube and you have to go playlist there you will find neogcamp and there will be all assignments video.

How did i find about this program and about tanay pratap sir

It was fall of 2020 I was following an instagram page technical sapien where he posts all the informative type in the field of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence then there was a collab live where tanay pratap sir and technical sapien together did live session on instagram then tanay sir told about the whole scene of webdevelopment there it took my interest on web dev field then I remember it was 2020 diwali at that time tanay sir launched the program neogcamp where they will train a person for six months to get them into web dev field so for that they have to pass the level zero and they have to give interview.I thought at that time that I will start but at that time I was in my first year of my and i have to write my sem exams so i gave priority to my sem and i have to lose this chance and after six months of that batch now they again started to take another batch for neog 2022 but then again they decided that they will take the applications or portfolio until august 30 but i came to second year of my then again i have to write my sem exams i thought i was gonna lose this chance again but luckily they extended that date to september 30 and that was the only chance so i worked hard and completed my portfolio filled with 15 assignments and yesterday i submitted it

so now is the part what are assignments and what they will teach..

They will start with CLI app which is known as command line interface app made with java script using some keywords as i given below:
readline-sync : Synchronous Readline for interactively running to have a conversation with the user via a console(TTY).

readlineSync tries to let your script have a conversation with the user via a console, even when the input/output stream is redirected like your-script bar.log.

and using function where it will have keys and you will create questions and answer where you will ask you friends to try it.This contain 2 assignments

Now after that you have to create github account and netlify account where you will learn using of github(if you dont know github please refer to my last 2 blogs) and hosting your website using netlify and you will make your own portfolio using HTML,CSS language by learining through that video now you have 5 assignments in your hand.

Now about 6th and 7th you will create a translator app where the text which you type will be translated into banana minion language sounds fun in these you will use API so what is API

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of functions that allows applications to access data and interact with external software components, operating systems, or microservices.

To simplify, an API delivers a user response to a system and sends the system’s response back to a user. here you will get a powerful and important word which is called as promise
what is promise

Promises in JavaScript represent processes that are already happening, which can be chained with callback functions.

A promise is said to be settled if it is either fulfilled or rejected, but not pending.

this might be asked in the javascript interview so by this you will create a translator app using vanilla js or it is also called as pure js.

now about assignment 8 and 9 here you will learn about react js and you will design a react app which one of them will be emoji interpretor where you have tell the meaning of emoji which is given by clicking either giving input

now about assignment 10 you will create an cash register app using vanilla js sorry to mention but i forgot about the keyword queryselector

what is queryselector
this is method where it will take the inputs from the html file to js file and give output through the js file.

so the cash register app will note the bill amount and given amount and it will tell how much cash and how many notes you have to give vendor

now assignment 11 you have to create birthday lucky app using vanilla js where it will tell your birthday lucky or not

now assignment 12 you have to create a triangle fun app where you have to calculate hypotenuse,area and you have to find given angles are triangle or not and a triangle quiz will be there

now assignment 13 you have to create an birthday palindrome app where user will give input and we have to tell whether that date is palindrome or not and you also have to tell that by how many days they have missed it

now assignment 14 you have to create a stock calculator app and tell the user by taking inputs and giving outputs of profit and profit percentage and also loss and loss percentage too this will be also made using vanilla js

now the last part assignment 15 where you have to write blogs whether you can write technical or non technical one as you wish

so i have prepared all of it and wish me best of luck for interview and this is my journey till now i hope you enjoyed it till here and thankyou for reading all of it πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ an follow up Or like will be best as a support so lets meet in next blog have a great day.

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