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re: Hey Everyone, Nice to meet you all! I'm a remote software developer and huge enthusiast of remote working. In the past I had some medical issue...

Welcome Alan!

Sorry to hear about medical issues (those are always so terrible), but I'm glad you figured it out eventually!

What do you think is the hardest part about remote work? Or: what do you think most companies trying out remote work could do better?

Thanks! :)


Hey Chris,

I've found remote work to work smoothly when you have an active team engaging with each other on slack or some other platform.

It can be a real pain when communication is too asynchronous and can really slow down development in my experience.

I've seen a lot of devs who don't communicate well struggle in these remote roles.

Thanks, yeah, I've heard (and seen) communication be the biggest potential problem with remote roles. I could see how asynchronous communication would be a really tricky point too, yeah... Thanks for your insights!

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