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Discussion on: How to Write Your First Post on DEV

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Chris Achard Author • Edited

... oh weird! I just wrote this comment about how it should work, but then it didn't for me... I'm looking into it; not sure what's going on

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Chris Achard Author

Ah! Got it - if I have a backtick (just a single one) in the post like you do BEFORE the three backticks, then the parser gets confused... try just doing threebackticks with the "javascript" and it should show up like this:

console.log("this should be highlighted with javascript but this is not the case);

Does that work for you?

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Nayden Gochev • Edited

We should add this to the markdown ? btw when writing post :))

Sometimes it looks it doesnt work .. its weird but now it works.. :) weird !

console.log("no color");

now in the post I have `*3 times but here bellow when trying I am typing just 3 times without SPACES and I got it !

console.log("test JavaScript");

weird why it wasn't working above.

System.out.println("test again Java ");
Console.WriteLine("whoo c# has to be lowercase c");
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