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re: Thanks Chris, for highlighting these not-widely-known capabilities of #elasticsearch. Relevance is an extremely powerful capability and possibiliti...

Thank you for your comments. Absolutely spot on. I must admit, it's quite a gaping omission and I should have probably explained why in the article (it was intentional!).

The analytics abilities of ES are awesome as you say. The article was aimed at developers who may have had a misconception that ES is just another data store. The handful of features (a massive subset of those available!) were picked to highlight where ES may assist these developers to get certain functionality off the ground in a project where they may have previously sought far more complex solutions using databases.

I considered the analytics side to be a more complex feature not at the introductory level.

It's definitely worth mentioning though along with the uses and use cases you highlight. Thank you.


Thanks. Will look forward to more such informative articles from you, Chris. Cheers!

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