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Stuck in the middle with Me

This post will serve as an update on my first (of three) release 0.4 blog post. I've made my first PR re-adding the about page on Telescope's new frontend using NextJS. It utilizes this neat library called MDX which allows NextJS to read and parse markdown files. But more importantly it allows .md files to have JSX code run directly inside the md file. I imagine this library was made mostly for a blogging platform using NextJS but for our uses I think it works really well. I had to configure it a bit to get it to work with TypeScript but it wasn't too bad.

I'm currently stuck on my second PR which readds the logo icon to the project. I'm trying to make it into a component so it can be called and rendered anywhere. I'm also trying to make use of NextJS's image optimization. I'll get it eventually.

Regrettably this might be my last PR. Ideally I wanted to do 3-5 PRs for release 0.4. I just don't have the time, and it's really upsetting. We'll see what happens after Wednesday when all my exams are done (although I still have two projects to finish by Friday #ThanksSeneca).

I'm fine. How are you?

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