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Resources to learn Elixir - A study path

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Below you can find resources for getting started with Elixir.

It's what I am following and it could be helpful for new programmers that want to learn Elixir.

Getting started

Official guide

The official "Getting started" guide by official Getting started

You can find my notes here


Programming Elixir by Dave Thomas is the go-to book if you want to learn all about Elixir.

Elixir in Action by Saša Jurić is also highly recommended.

Crash course about syntax

This is another official resource I can highly recommend for learning about Elixir's syntax syntax crash course

Elixir school

This course will get you through the basic concepts (similar to the guide on elixir-lang) and more advances topics about Elixir.

It also goes briefly into Ecto and other specific module often used in Elixir applications.

Visit to learn more.

Elixir Videos

Alchemist Camp

If you want code tutorials in form of video, Alchemist Camp can be a great place to start.

You can also find the videos on YouTube.


Saša Jurić's talk at GOTO 2019 about "The Soul of Erlang and Elixir" is highly recommended

Paid video courses

To learn about the basics of the language, you could check out

For 18$ you can watch 30 episodes, as of March 2021.

A more complete bundle of video courses can be

At the time of writing there are around 130 episodes that guide you through various scenarios and examples on using Elixir.

This video library can be watched for 19$ / month.


awesome-elixir is an infinite list of Elixir libraries & resources

Books & resources

A more exhaustive list of other resources to learning Elixir can be found on


Learn you some Erlang

If you want to get your hands dirty understand concepts in Erlang, Learn you some Erlang can be a highly valuable resource.


There is also an official Erlang course which can be used for learning more about Erlang and important concepts of the language and VM.

It will usually take four days to complete.

You'll learn more about the History of Erlang, Sequental / Concurrent Programming, Error handling and other advanced topics.

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