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Discussion on: The strange <img> gap in HTML

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Christian Kaindl Author

Thank you for commenting.

To me it wasn't obvious from the beginning and it was also not one of the first things I learned when starting with HTML (by making W3School tutorials). It was not intuitive for me to suggest that IMG elements are inline elements just by looking at websites.

Also, I guess that - despite this being in the HTML spec since version 1 - a lot of developers have experienced similar issues when using images, without knowing what causes them. It is a simple thing, but it wasn't obvious to me and I think it is not obvious to quite a few developers out there.
I think it doesn't matter if it is simple or not or if it is already around for years. If people struggle with it or don't know what it is about, it's something worth writing about. I tried to fill a gap, because I couldn't find a comprehensive article myself and wanted to make a valuable contribution. is the perfect community for such - a community that is grateful for learning from others people's learnings, and sharing their own learnings, which is what I did.

So in that sense it was the strange <img> gap that was somehow there for me. And, assuming that other people have the same problem, the title The strange <img> gap in HTML is no clickbait at all, but rather the most helpful title for the ones who have the problem themselves, and who do not simply know that it is so simple because it was in the HTML spec since version 1. Writing an article about it was the choice that reached the most people - and hopefully helped a lot of them.

I hope that clarifies my intentions for the article.

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Christian Kaindl Author

I added an additional paragraph and further reading links to the end of the article.

If you have suggestions for articles and links, please let me know.

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I often find myself looking at the element panel in my console and then looking at what rules an element inherits from the agent.

I can only recommend using that whenever you have a little downtime - a lot to learn by just inspecting.

Thank you for sharing your findings, the breakdown you made are actually quite good.