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Importance of Typography in Web Design

Typography is the visual component of the written word. Typography can be seen in every facet of life— from restaurant menus and traffic signs, to newspapers and even your favorite websites. Typography is everywhere whether we realize it or not. It’s so common-place that we tend to take it for granted.

Typography involves changing, arranging, or ordering type .but we only take the time to change it when we have a purpose or reason as to why. This means we have an obligation to present the text in a way that is useful, clear, and legible to its reader.

The content of a webpage could be incredible, but if the typography leaves something to be desired, then it can be difficult for people to read and navigate. They'll either struggle through it or quit along the way, both of which are undesirable.

Another purpose behind typography is establish an emotional connection between the user and the information presented on the website. Type can have a personality or mood, and it can conveys something to the reader before they've even understood a single word on the page.

The style of your type should match the intent of your content. For example, perhaps you’re designing a business document that's set in a quirky typeface such as Comic Sans. Even though your content might convey the right message, the design or typography is undermining your authority and prestige on the matter.

As we move forward designing websites utilizing the design principles of typography, we want to make sure the design aspect of it enhances the message at hand. Remember, we want to keep readers engaged but also create an emotional connection between them and the content we are presenting.

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