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Discussion on: Java is Dead - Long Live Java

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Chakrit Likitkhajorn

Java is dead. Leave the sinking ship, Kotlin, golang, whatever it is, learn another language!

I think Java is here to stay. The Java technology itself is a cool technology, especially the JVM. I never see anyone claim that Java is dead, but my experience might be different from you.

However, I think we should also learn another language. Learning other languages such as Kotlin, Clojure, Scala, Golang, Haskell, Elixir, etc. will open developers up to a new design pattern and paradigm. Programmers will understand that Java design patterns are not be-all-end-all best practices in programming.

I like modern Java. I annoyed by some Java developer try to enforce Java design pattern to other language and then complain about how the code is not clean. I annoyed by some people attitude around serious enterprise technology is holier-than-thou. Of course, that is not a Java fault at all. I just share where my frustration around Java come.