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Discussion on: How did you land your first job as a junior?

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At 20 - nearly 20 years ago - I was working in a supermarket and desperate to get into the tech industry. My (then girlfriend) wife applied for a receptionist/admin assistant role at a small, local IT company and upon returning from the interview said "you should apply there, you'd love it, wait until you see the office it's lovely". They had no jobs being advertised, so with her blessing I applied for the same job she'd just interviewed for, believing that even if I could get the admin assistant role, it was a "foot in the door" and I could show them what I could do and move up from there.

I was called for an interview, spent it discussing sport, life, and everything except the role, only to be told that they'd filled the admin position and weren't planning on recruiting further - however, would I like a job?

I spent 12 years there and left as IT Manager.

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Carlos Roso Author

Loving this story and how your wife was pivotal for your success. You can only get so far alone. Thanks for sharing!