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Discussion on: How I structure my mid-size NextJs projects

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Clay Stewart

It’s a lot of index.js. Do you ever find that’s inconvenient in the code editor tabs? My team did and no longer use index.js files.

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Kristiqn Tachev

This is called Barel export and it helps with tree shaking and bundle resolution. In large project it helps to bundle it faster. I do recommend to use barel exports.


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Joseph Mukorivo Author

I also like the convenience of importing components from components instead of components/button that's why I sometimes find myself using these index files

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For my projects instead of index.js I call them the name of the folder example header/header.js it is more clean and you'll not get confused

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Endru Reza

how is it clean ? header/header its like repeatition. is it gonna be

import Header from 'header/header.js'
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Aspiiire • Edited

If you use default export it would be, you don't need to explicitly say import Header, in my prospective it is not needed

import 'header/header.js';
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Yes you are repeating the name, you are right, but you solve the problem of having multiple index.js.

As example you have main.js file that is importing all the components:

import 'header/index.js';
import 'footer/index.js';
import 'leftbar/index.js';
import 'somethingelse/index.js';
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Now if in my editor I have all this files open I see 4 index.js files, if I call the in this other way:

import 'header/header.js';
import 'footer/footer.js';
import 'leftbar/leftbar.js';
import 'somethingelse/somethingelse.js';
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In my tabs I see header, footer, leftbar etc... I have used it and I found myself great with it, but as always it is a matter of preference, there is no you must do this or that, you are free to choose any style you like