The Results of Four Weeks of Cross-Posting to Dev.To

Claudio Bernasconi on April 25, 2019

Four weeks ago, on March 27th I decided to give a chance and published my first article. It’s a cross-posted article which I originally po... [Read Full]
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18 posts, 5000 followers, 30k post views. Pretty happy that so many people have taken the time to read! Good amounts of traffic to my site and email signups. A few posts get multiple x 1000 views, others hardly make a ripple. I love posting here!


You have awesome articles so please continue in posting more articles on dev community.



What are your results from writing on

I've cross-posted articles from my special series where I share my personal experience on productivity etc. I've posted two articles and got 1300 followers, 200 reactions and 12 000 views. I am quite happy about this results!

«How I'm Automating My Productivity With This Smart Home Combo»

«How Failing With Pomodoro Technique Made Me 2x Better Programmer»


How do you get the exact statistics of an article views? In the dashboard I get just a message "under 100 views".


Sorry, I should have mentioned that in the article. I put in 99 because of <100 so you don't get exact numbers for articles with less than 100 views. I wanted to summarize the numbers, so I had to put something in the table.


It would be nice if you could do an experiment comparing posting some articles simultaneously here and in your blog :)


I actually put this post online on my blog yesterday and posted it on here today. What questions do you want to have answered from a simultaneously posted article?


Great to know! Being posted (almost) simultaneously you can compare the same metrics that you showed on this post within the same timeframe. Maybe also with more posts being posted this way, it's possible even that you'll find that some topics perform better here, and some other on your blog.

That's a great idea, Giovanni! I'll try to post my future articles as simultaneously as possible for a few weeks to be able to compare the results. On a traditional blog, it's hard to keep track of stats like followers, but I can at least compare the post views.

In the end, it's important to me if my article help at least a single person. If somebody gets something out of my article, I always love to read a comment.


Overall I think to post my articles on Dev Community has helped me a lot.

It's really cool on the number of people reading it as sometimes it doesn't reflect it in my data founded for my blog.

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