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We made a SaaS product in a month. I will explain how we did it.

We at DevInterface SRL have made and launched a new Software-as-a-Service in one month and I want to tell you how we did it.


DevInterface is a software development company and for our products o for product of our customers we always need to receive some kind of notifications when certain conditions occur.

So, we have the idea to build ​​an easy-to-integrate notification service, designed both for developers and for customers.

We have called it:

Here are the main goals that EveryLog want to achieve:

  • it must be a mobile app that allows you to receive instant notifications on your phone for desired events just with the addition of a few lines of code you should be able to integrate it into any existing applications

  • should be possible to integrate EveryLog regardless of the programming language used

  • we want to deliver some free plugins for the main applications to integrate EveryLog even with little or no programming knowledge

The choice therefore was to provide a single API that, through a POST call, allows you to register an event.


We therefore decided to divide everything into 3 components:

  • a set of APIs to provide for integration
  • a mobile app to receive notifications and where to consult events
  • a web interface for choosing and managing the subscription plan that hooks up for payments to our Stripe account

In order to contain the times we started with the development by integrating Starter SaaS, our boilerplate for manage payments, subscriptions and renewals. This allowed us to save at least three months of development.
We were thus able to concentrate our efforts on the design of the API and in parallel on the definition of the interface for the mobile app.

So, once we had the API interface defined, we started developing the mobile app using Flutter to have both iOS and Android versions. At the same time we started writing the actual code of the service API using Go and React.

The choice of Go to create the APIs is given by its speed and scalability, which will allow us to better manage thousands of calls to our service, both for recording events and for consultation via mobile app.

For the mobile apps we used Flutter for the speed of development (the app needed to be ready for iOS and Android in the shortest possible time to launch the beta version) and also for the excellent performance it guarantees.

Finally we have chosen to rely on Firebase for sending push notifications as it is simple to integrate, cheap and reliable.


The result is SaaS that is simple to integrate into any application.
Each registered user gets an API key to be used in all POST calls to the API to access the features of our service.
So in the programming phase it is sufficient to insert a POST call in the code at each point where you want to generate a notification.

Since these are APIs it goes without saying that they can be invoked using any programming language.
We then chose to minimize the mandatory fields (projectId, summary and body), but it is still possible to insert tags and an external link.
Finally, depending on the chosen plan, push notifications can be activated or not but in any case by accessing the mobile app you can see all the recorded events.

Why should you use our app?

Using push notifications can help your team and company take a step closer to your goals. You can free your inbox of all notifications and centralize everything in one place. Depending on the defined goal, notifications can be used precisely.

Do you manage an e-commerce?
EveryLog allows e-commerce managers to centralize and manage all notifications from a single app.

Check if new orders and purchases have been made or if any users have contacted you with inquiries.
Do you want to be updated even if someone reviews your products, creates an account or subscribes to your newsletter?
No problem, thanks to EveryLog, instead of wasting time checking each section, you can track everything from a single app.

Are you a developer?
Is your team about to release a software or app and you want to be notified automatically in case of errors?
Or would you just like to improve your workflow by setting up internal team notifications and monitoring various resources?
Simply use a POST request and receive notifications of projects of interest to your team.

Beta test
EveryLog is currently in beta test.
If you are interested in participating in the test period, sign up for and you will be able to use all the features for free for 2 months.

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