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Microsoft Build 2018 Recap talk at NYC Mobile .NET Developers User Group

claudiosanchez profile image Claudio Sanchez Originally published at Medium on ・1 min read

Microsoft Build @ Seattle, WA. May 7–9

Last week, I got to co-deliver an interesting talk (with Sara Morsi as co-speaker) at the NYC Mobile .NET Developers User Group. We curated a selection of topics, from our recent experience at Microsoft Build, this past May 7–9, in Seattle, WA.

Some of the topics at Build we found most relevant for Xamarin Developers include:

  1. Hyper-V Android Emulator Support
  2. Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin
  3. Platform Improvements
  4. Xamarin Forms 3.0
  5. Fluent Design for UWP
  6. Visual Studio Live Share … and much more …

Follow this link to the presentation, as well as the meetup notes.

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