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Discussion on: I’m Ben and I am a Rails developer

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Sal Hernandez

I started a new job at a small startup in Baltimore about a little over a month ago & their API/admin app is built with Ruby on Rails. Prior to this job the only rails stuff I've done was when I first was learning how to code. I remember loving to program with Rails because of the convention over configuration & how it made it easy to build things quick.

At my first Job their backend was built with express.js & I just remember how messy it was at first. It was hard to understand & follow mainly because their wasn't a well designed pattern in place. And then the team & I spent a lot of time refactoring it to clean it up. And then it was better after but I feel like if we used something like rails we wouldn't have spent 3 months refactoring the entire backend. We could have spent that time creating new features, squashing bugs quicker, etc.

That's the one thing with node.js, it's the wild west out there. All the tutorials, example projects, etc are done differently, so I feel like everyone kind of just create their own pattern which just adds time to get ramped up a lot longer.

At the startup I work now, we use codeship for our CI & heroku for our deployments & it just integrates so well with Rails that it just removes a whole bunch of unnecessary overhead when you're just trying to get your ideas built out & pushed out into the world.

I’m Sal and I am a proud Rails developer.