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Entrepreneurs, Brand Managers and Technical Managers Who’re Interested in Clean Design

If you’re interested in clean design, this is the post for you. Whether or not you’re an entrepreneur, a brand manager, or even the casual observer, most of us Earlyui understand the power of clean design.

According to Deiter Rams, the renowned longtime product designer for Braun, the fundamentals of clean design include:

  • It is innovative

  • It makes a product useful

  • It is aesthetic

  • It makes a product understandable

  • It is unobtrusive

  • It is honest

  • It is long-lasting

  • It is thorough to the last detail

  • It is environmentally friendly

  • It is as little design as possible
  • So, your interest in design work matters with an awareness of upcoming trends and tactics adopted by the best in the business to do everything from VR to launching native apps. The user-centric design will continue to be vital as we integrate technology into our everyday lives.

    In 2018, firms like Beosound Edge, Svart, and Madison Square Garden Company with their innovations made us think twice about “What it means to be a worthy brand?”

    Website and App Design Trends that Are Going to Be at the Forefront of 2020 and Beyond

    Website and app design trends will be guiding the way your customers will experience your brand or your digital products. Following are some of the trends for websites and mobile apps:

  • Speed matters and time to interact online with your clients is less than three seconds. A website must have a faster loading time, and so the process must set its priorities on speed.
  • Gone are the days of uncompressed videos and bloated Javascript. Minimalist and flat designs also lead to quicker loading. Contrasting colors and illustrations highlighted with simple imagery provide an outstanding user experience, which is highly engaging.
  • The mobile-first approach is always a trend. Here it is made for the mobile device first, followed by design for the desktop user. This trend is likely to continue for a long time to come and is not dependent on Seo or ranking factors.
  • The use of technology is assuming greater importance. There is an increasing trend in using chatbots on websites. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning made these bots emerge into smart ones. Seamlessly interact with users with chatbots.
  • Micro animations are yet another trend in web designs. These are nothing but small animations used on the site with a movement of the mouse or clicking over an element to expand further.
  • Logo design with all its homogeneity will emerge into an eccentric form. An example to cite here is Mailchimp’s adoption of the Copper Black type as its brand font.
  • Enable tighter integration of code with design by using tools such as Fraser X or Figma. It helps in integrating code with plug-ins or APIs.
  • In 2020 and beyond, the increasing use of the CSS grid for UI/UX design and development is about to happen. It places the items in the exact places. Expressive freedom offered only by print!
  • 3D printers build prototypes for the medical, aerospace, engineering and automotive industries, with more compact units priced for consumers.
  • Product Design application expanded from purely commercial to responding to human needs such as individual, communal, or cultural. Excellent product design attempts to address what “well-being” means - and how happiness creates excellent designs.
  • Ensure greater voice interfaces. Here text matters a lot. The designers need to understand how users interact with voice commands. The designer creates a voice interface prototype with related actions and keywords.
  • Choose not to continue reading at your peril - smart professionals know that design trends will affect everything from marketing automation to generating new revenue. Now, it is time to come out with our approach.

    Our Thoughts on 2020 Design Trends

    Cliffex​ is a Mobile App Development with a difference. We offer end-to-end digital product design and development services. It means that we specialize in crafting modern mobile and web applications for futuristic businesses.

    We always look out for the top trends in design and technology, so we put together this list of 2020 Website and App Design trends. In addition to providing a resource for our fans, we offer a comprehensive idea of, outlining what to expect.

    2020 and Beyond

    As 2019 showed us, branding and design are closely aligned. In 2019, we saw some of the key changes from 2018:

  • Inclusivity Goes Mainstream

  • Artificial Intelligence Design

  • What “Value” Means to Brands

  • Moving Beyond Flat Design
  • A clean brand that makes it easy and enjoyable for fans to drive engagement emerges as the winner.

    Our prediction is brands, and products leveraging old tactics and trends will continue to lose users to those focused on innovation and new techniques.

    The focus continues to shift towards the user - with users moving beyond traditional with key performance indicators like time spent in apps and traffic.

    The rise in Importance of the Gen Z

    As millennials assume managerial roles in the workplace, we can begin to expect Generation Z will start to dictate design trends.

    Generation Z, the group of people born during the1990s, grew up with technology. Learning from the early examples of their parents and older siblings, they avoided the harsh lessons of oversharing on social media and chooses to follow their favorite influencers.

    Gen Z will have the ability to pick up new skills and learn new software. The employers will employ and retain and retrain these employees. Moreover, the preference for not to overshare will make them understand the value of independence and not belonging to some group.

    Designers should be aware that as their users begin to mature - new updates will be required to attract and retain users. Remember - product design is a combination of hitting current business goals while also planning for future use cases. Implement a forward-thinking process by working with the ​Cliffex​ team.

    If you’re interested in learning how the Cliffex team can help you take advantage of 2020 Trends and Tactics, be sure to request your free consultation below:


    The trends for 2020, and beyond for mobile apps and websites get shaped by technology and speed. Offer outstanding customer service by using emerging technologies such as chatbots. Trends such as increasing voice interfaces and micro animations will also rise.

    The trends will get influenced by the rise of the Gen Z in place of the
    Millennials, who move to assume higher positions. Gen Z believes in not oversharing and following the influencers, and this is bound to affect the ongoing trends. Brands adopting newer techniques and innovative ways will emerge as winners.

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