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Review: AWS App Mesh

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A service mesh for EC2, ECS, and EKS

Don't miss the our blog post Review: AWS App Mesh – A service mesh for EC2, ECS, and EKS, the written version of this podcast episode.

Building a service mesh is trending those days. App Mesh provides service mesh capabilities for EC2, ECS, and EKS. For free! On top of that, App Mesh integrates with a bunch of AWS services like Cloud Map, Certificate Manager, CloudWatch, and X-Ray. App Mesh is a new service still at the very beginning. Our service maturity score of 4.7 indicates that it is too early to use App Mesh right now. Let’s wait for AWS to improve the service step by step based on other AWS customers’ feedback.

The fundamental problem is that App Mesh is not a fully managed service. As an App Mesh customer, you need to deploy and operate 1-3 sidecar containers per task (aka. pod). This contradicts the goal of having the cloud provider take over as many tasks as possible.

It is frustrating that activating CloudWatch metrics incurs costs of more than $150 per month for a mesh consisting of two services. Also, $400 per month for a private CA provided by ACM will probably be a show stopper for most scenarios.

Overall, App Mesh is only for service mesh enthusiasts.

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