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Discussion on: Don't make that function async.

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José Clovis Ramírez de la Rosa Author

Hey Asti,

I'm not sure about async/await being just syntactic sugar for Promises. Sure it was made to make it work with promises easier. If you've worked with Generators before, the concept of "awaiting" a function might look familiar to the concept of "yielding" a result. In both cases, you're giving the control back to the caller. When I say that the function start/stop and save/recover, I refer to this mechanism.

In fact, when you're targeting the browser when there's not much support for async/await syntax, you can use Babel to compile your async/await code to a generator which will yield until all the promises are resolved!. This article explains the concept in a very succinct way -

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Both yielding and await rewrite the code behind the scenes to a state machine which handles control flow, to behave like co-routines. It's not special in any respect - it could well be user code. There's little overhead other than a few jump tables.