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Your Teacher/Professor is not the same as a client

Especially if that student is a valedictorian and the client assumes that he/she can finish a finished product in less than weeks.

Some Projects Are Going To Suck

I tried different projects. most of them are half-baked and lazy to finish.

Your Coworkers Are Extended Family

One thing I failed in my college is, there are no collaboration. I was expecting to have a pair-programming basis to develop my skills especially working on a project. But in my standing point, they're waiting for me to finish the project and never helped me.

You Are Going To Fail..... Hopefully

Yes, I failed a lot, but that doesn't stop me from continuing my passion.(I never failed my subjects. I failed because I wasted a lot of time learning it and I won't be using it after I graduate).

You control your curriculum

Before I was learning web development,(This wasn't taught in college) and Mobile development(Still didn't taught in class because our teacher was lazy and had favoritism for his/her students). But still it's still worth learning new technologies even though this won't be credited in my curriculum.

My Thoughts

Overall I regret the school I went and I want to learn new technologies as soon as I graduate. This was very helpful for me to realize that there can be a lot of opportunities and not depend on what my grades are in the curriculum.

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