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Just as Kotlin is easy to adopt. I am a Dartisan(dart programming language) guy and Dart can be easily adopted too, and that's because Dart's intention was to be familiar for experienced developers. My first programming language was C++ and second was Java. I tried Kotlin in Android Studio because of the announcement Google made during the I/O 2017. I was naive enough to understand the APIs of the android and the syntax of Kotlin. I really wanted to learn Kotlin in Android Studio but I gave up due to the bloated IDE I've been using. My point of learning a programming language is to use for the right tool and not for just learning the syntax itself.

With Flutter today, I am now eager to learn Kotlin just to use Platform Channels to access Android APIs(bluetooth,nfc,battery,connection state, audio, etc.).

I still think Kotlin will become more popular because of the optional semi-colon that most beginners really wanted. Diving deep, and I'll be learning coroutines,data class,non-nullable and much more.

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