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While there's optional parameter(which might be risky if we put default values in some edge cases.). There's named parameters. which is more readable to the user. think of it as a superset of optional parameters where you don't have to initialize a value. some might think that this can be a verbose. some which might be helpful.

I didn't even know what named/optional parameters were until I used flutter.

Named parameters can be used in methods/functions, and class properties as well.


For sure! I talk about these in the second half of the post. 😀


From what I've understood from optional parameters is that, optional parameters have default values, while named parameters don't need. but in Dart, when declaring a named parameters/arguments, they use @required annotation that a specific argument should have a value declared when using it. Great Article by the way. Sorry if I differentiate optional and named parameters. This was something Dart clarifies me of using it when developing flutter apps.

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