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Discussion on: (Not) Using Docker on Windows

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Christopher Miles

A big part of the problem is Docker the company working so hard to hide much of Docker-on-Windows behind the GUI mentioned in the article. For instance, it's easy to think of switching to WSL2 as something of a non-change when it's just a switch in the GUI. But, of course, it really means running Docker in a Hyper-V container and that means when it writes to disk, it's writing to the VM's disk.

IMHO, the GUI and the Windows Docker implementation need to do a little more (redirect files but not bog down the host) or do a lot less (force us all to understand the compromises).

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Javi Author

The GUI really "dumbs down" Docker. At first I was pleased to see a GUI instead of the CLI. But after a few hours working with the Linux Docker's CLI I'm actually pretty comfortable with it and I can use all of it's functionality.