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Hello devs!

Another web developer here, working in a small spanish company. I'm just learning Android development, and enjoying it a lot. As side projects, I maintain a friend's web and I'm starting with my future apps list.

I'm planning to post here something about starting side projects and building mobile apps, so if you're interested in reading that send me a message you I'll have more pressure and I'll have write it sooner :)

As non-dev interests, I have been reading a lot about minimalism, and trying to become more minimalist in my life in general. And starting to think about becoming vegetarian.. but important changes come better one at a time.

Keep writing so great dev posts!


I'm a vegan and can attest to the minimalist lifestyle it offers. It really limits my choices, and counter-intuitively makes me think more creatively about my food choices. That in turn makes me feel more free, interestingly enough.

Also looking forward to your Android dev posts. :)

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