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Discussion on: Have you ever managed a team?

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Chittoji Murali Sree Krishna

Well my experience was too small,

For my college project, teachers assigned a group of 4 members in that I am a team leader
First things first I have gained some knowledge about what we are going to work on So that I can able to explain my batch mates and make them understand about the plans and stuff,
The second thing I have given simple tasks to all my batchmates so depending on that I have chosen their roles accordingly, and given them daily tasks
Third thing if they finish there tasks quickly, I gave them treat so that they started working fast and finally we completed our project with zero issues
My project name is a smart security system using IoT
Member 1: purchase and get those components and stuff, bcz he knows only places to get the things from,
Member 2 (me): insert code into components and send and test them, bcz I like testing
Member 3: work with the website so that details will be forwarded to the website, bcz he is good with web development
Member 4: documentation and other stuff like communication between us and teachers, bcz she is good in narrating stuff

my procedure might be wrong, but this is my only experience with my team