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100 Free & Premium mockups for download

Want to know what a mockup is, why you need it, and how to use it? Or are you already a professional designer and looking for fresh ideas or high-quality mockups for your work? All of this and much more you will find in this article.

Top of the best 100 mockups forever and ever

10 best instagram mockups

1. Instagram Mockup 2021 Download: PSD, Sketch, Figma template app

Instagram Mockup

This mockup is not merely ranked first place in the Instagram best mockups list. This mockup rightfully opens up a list of the best of the best, because it contains more than 30 instagram screens, that are tailored to the most recent updates. The instagram mockup is the most important tool for designers, for founders, for SMM managers, businessmen and businesswomen. This is a full set of screens that are suitable for working with Figma, Sketch and you.

So whatever you're doing, whatever it is you think you're looking for... it's all in.

2. Instagram mockup dark mode template app 

Instagram Mockup Dark Mode Preview

“Ah you think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark mode of instagram. This mockup was born in the dark, molded by it.” - Bane

Perhaps the only one of its kind, created especially for a sophisticated audience.

More than 30 incredibly detailed screens of original black design, they are constructed to show your product with an advantage over everyone else. Stories, instagram TV, feed, and much more that you can change to suit your needs.

3. Instagram Post Template

Instagram Post Mockup

Do you have something to share with your followers or customers? Then you should check how the image will look like in the feed. Sometimes visualization is not enough, and then rendering comes to the rescue. The mockup was created to show how your product will be seen by customers. It is also perfect for a business demonstration, and better reveal your brilliant ideas.

4. Free Instagram Mockup 

Instagram Post Mockup

Those who work with Photoshop will appreciate this mockup. Because it’s created to work with Photoshop CS6 and later versions. This mockup presents a custom version of instagram. It can be good for your personal use, as well as for commercial work.

5. Instagram Mockup for Sketch

Instagram Mockup for Sketch

I see you working in Sketch? So, I have one mockup just for you! That instagram screen mockup will help you create a good presentation and showcase your branding project as well as you want. More than 10 excellent screens are waiting for you. Convenient and easy-to-use. Pretty realistic mockup design is made at the expense of expanded pages. Hurry up and download for free.

6. High Resolution Instagram Mockup

 Instagram Mockup

Are you on a deadline? The easiest way to save yourself - this is the best  instagram mockup for download. All the elements are editable. We'll go nice and easy

7. Instagram Feed and Profile PSD Mockup

FREE Instagram Feed and Profile PSD UI template

Simple and pretty mockup of the feed and profile for your instagram. It will help to save your working time and the nature around you. This PSD file allows you to change all elements and options, but we warn you that this mockup doesn't use the original Instagram font.

8. Business Instagram Templates

Business Instagram Templates

If you need, in the blink of an eye, created  incredible instagram, then this is your choice. This mockup is perfect for a business account. It contains templates for Instagram posts with a concise and attractive design, and in addition it is also extremely simple for you to customize it as you wish

9. Instagram Stories Pack

Instagram Stories Pack Mockup

Do you need creative and dynamic mockups for your instagram stories? I found it for you. So, well, ball’s in your court. Download and enjoy!

10.Instagram Mobile Mockups Pack

Instagram Mobile Mockups Pack

If you were bitten by the Photoshop bug, and now you can't imagine life without it. Then this mockup is specially made for working with you. This is the full set: stories, feed, ads, profile page, and more. You will save a lot of time if you buy this mockup right now.

10 best facebook mockups

1. Free Social Media Template

Free Facebook Profile Mockup

The Facebook mockup is an important part for successful sales. Are you launching your own business or leading a personal brand, it means that for the successful promotion of your company, you need to always look profitable. This is why you should use the Facebook mockup for these goals. This mockup is suitable for working with Photoshop.

2. Free Facebook Page Branding Template

Facebook Page Branding Mockup

With this realistic mockup, you can show your customers what their or your own product will look like on a Facebook page. This template is great, because it’s easy to use and is very helpful for business ideas and products marketing.

3. FREE Figma Facebook Advert Post Template

FREE Figma Facebook Advert Post Template

This mockup of a Facebook post will be a great option for designers working in Figma. It's also applied Auto Layout to all the elements so that content dynamically adjusts and the page expands with content.

4. Facebook Page Mockup 2020 PSD

Facebook Page Mockup 2020 PSD

This template is perfect for working with Photoshop, because it's created according to the last updates. The Facebook Page Mockup is created to showcase profile pictures, social media posts and cover to your client  before publishing. Just customize the smart object  as you need.

5. Free Mobile & Desktop Facebook Post Feed Template 2020 PSD Set

Free Mobile & Desktop Facebook Post Feed Template 2020 Mockup PSD Set

This editable set of social media psd mockups is designed to display the news feed.  Excellent for personal and commercial use, this template was designed in a dark and light style.

6. Facebook Business Page Template Sketch Resource

Facebook Business Page Template Sketch Resource

This Facebook mockup is a great option for commercial use. It includes symbols with override for images, that makes this template  so practical, and allows you to optimize your work. Created for work in Sketch.

7. Facebook Post Template Sketch Resource

Facebook Post Template Sketch Resource

This document includes three sizes for different devices: Web, iOS, and Android. Everything is made out of Symbols and resize options have been set, so you can resize the layers to create other sizes, as you want. This Facebook post mockup is a great and easy way to see how your content will look like in real life.

8. Facebook Page Mockup (2020)

Facebook mockup

Amazing mockup created according to the last updates for Facebook. In this template everything can change: post, photo, quantity of likes and comments. It’s perfect for displaying an advertising product, just use smart objects to customize the way you want.

9. Free Facebook Profile Mockup 2020 - Photoshop Template

Free Facebook Profile Mockup 2020 - Photoshop Template

Fully developed Facebook mockup with the possibility to resize the image. This file includes a template for mobile and desktop computers. And, most importantly, it has a manual for working with this mockup in Photoshop, that's why it’s a great option for beginners.

10.Facebook New Profile Mockup (2020)

Facebook New Profile Mockup (2020)

Facebook page mockup with the possibility to change and customize it online or download the PSD file and work as you like.

10 best iPhone mockups.

1. Cutting Edge iPhone Template for Your App

iPhone mockup

An easy-to-use phone mockup allows you to show your design, app, or whatever you want. Upload an image, change the background color, and this template will do the rest for you.

2. iPhone 11 Pro Layered PSD Mock-ups in 4 Colors

iPhone 11 Pro Layered PSD Mock-ups in 4 Colors

Need to show your design or app in the best possible way? Alrighty! This iPhone 11 Pro mockup is designed in accordance with the highest requirements. Replaceable screens, high resolution, several colors and fully layered PSD mockups. Use Photoshop to change smart objects, and if you don't understand something, then there is a manual along with the file.

3. Phone 11 Pro Template

iPhone 11 Pro Mockup

Another iPhone 11 Pro mockup. A separate place in this template is taken by detailed shadows. The high resolution image allows you to change the size as you need, at the same time, without losing quality. 10 incredibly detailed iPhone screens made to work in Photoshop, and will be perfect for a wide range of professional fields, starting from showing design, to developing applications.

4. Flat Lay iPhone 11 Pro Max 

Flat Lay iPhone 11 Pro Max

A stylish iPhone mockup that will match anyone. Choose for personal or commercial use, here you will find everything you need.

5. Phone 11 Pro - 20 Clay Templates

Phone 11 Pro - 20 Clay Mockups

This is, by far, the one of the best iPhone mockups you've ever seen. More than 15 screens in high quality, at an accessible price. This is not to mention the shadows worked out in two types: Floor Shadow and Floating Shadow.

6. iPhone Template 6 iPhones 

 iPhone 12 Pro Max Mockup v2 template app

Great free iPhone 12 mockup for working in Photoshop. You can change the screen and the color of the iPhone itself. The template is suitable for commercial and personal use.

7. iPhone 11 Pro Showcase Template

Free iPhone 11 Pro Matt Case Mockup template app

High-quality PSD mockup of iPhone 11 Pro, which is still one of the most popular mobile devices - especially to show off phone cases. Besides allowing to personalise the case itself, comes with easily customizable background, shadows and highlights - all thanks to smart objects used.

8. Free Figma Templates, UI Kits & Resources 

Mockup iPhone Figma iOS UI Kit – iOS 13

Developing an iOS app? This iOS UI Kit has all the necessary UI components for the latest iOS 13 user interface, including both dark and light themes. Apart from the UI components, it has several easy to edit and highly customizable templates - allowing to build top-notch interfaces in just a few minutes!  And, yes - it's fully compatible with Figma, so you can access it everywhere and collaborate with your teammates!

9. iPhone X Template Sketch Resource

iPhone X Mockup Sketch Resource template app

Great iPhone Х mockup. If you are involved in application development, then this is exactly what you need to show your product on the iPhone X.

10. iPhone 12 Clay Template Presentation Sketch Resource

iPhone 12 Clay Mockup Presentation Sketch Resource template app

Clay mockup for iPhone 12 is amazing. Suitable for working in a Sketch, just download it and use it for its intended purpose.

10 best clothing mockups.

1. Men Hoodie Template in PSD 

Men Hoodie Mockup

Spend a lot of time shopping till one drops, to find a special style of hoodie? That's all in the past now. This hoodie mockup is so easy to use that even beginners can handle it. With this template you can create your own individual design. In addition, you can change the color of the hoodie to match your print designs.

2. Free Hoodie Template 

Hoodie Mockup template app

Need a free mockup with explanations on how to use it?  ...i get a feeling. This is exactly what you need for your business. Men's hoodie on a cool guy, where you can easily edit the hoodie, laces, and zipper colors, use the smart layer to apply your designs. Adapted to work with Photoshop CS4 and later versions.

3. T-shirt template on a girl

t-shit on girl mockup

Amazing mockup for creating T-shirt design. A charming model will definitely attract attention to your product. Download or edit in real time, but first you will have to log in on the website.

4. Kids T-Shirt Mockup PSD

Kids T-Shirt Mockup PSD

Perhaps this is the best template for children's clothing. If you are engaged in the design of children's clothing, then you will definitely appreciate this T-shirt mockup. You can change the color, forms, and even the background to showcase your design.

5. Jeans tag mockup Free Psd

Jeans tag mockup Free Psd

Creating a logo is always a difficult task. And if you were looking for jeans tag mockup, here it is. It's quite simple, free and very convenient.

6. Sweatpants - Mockup Bundle

Sweatpants - Mockup Bundle

Realistic mockup of sweatpants with the possibility to change the color of the product and the background. The set contains template views, front view, back view, and close-up view of objects. Super-easy to use.

7. White Realistic T-Shirt Mockup

White Realistic T-Shirt Mockup

Realistic t-shirt mockup with shadows and texture of the cloth. A great option for a beginner clothing store. The minimalistic design of the template will successfully accentuate the style of your product.

8. Family T-shirt Template

t-shirt mockup featuring a family of three posing in the bedroom

Very user-friendly online mockup. The template that you can change to match your needs, changing the picture and the color of the T-shirt. It is well for demonstration, as it allows you to see how your design looks on three models at once.

9. Template children's T-shirt rocket.

Template children's T-shirt rocket

Funny template for children's T-shirt.

10. T-shirt Template

T-shirt mockup for store

And last one, but not least. The mockup is appropriate for the store. Upload your design online, change the color of the T-shirt, it's really easy.

10 best mockup of cups

1. 12oz Paper Coffee Cup Mockup 

Cup mockup

Customizable coffee cup with cap mockup - will boost your website design like coffee boosts your day!

2. Plastic Juice Cup Mockup 

Free PSD Plastic Juice Cup Mockup Template

Showcase your ideas on the transparent plastic cups. This mockup may be a good addition to your collection if you are considering the cafe's design.

3. Coffee mug mockup on wooden table Free Psd 

Coffee mug mockup on wooden table Free Psd

Just a simple coffee cup template. An immortal classic, easy to use, always at your service.

4. Close-up hand holding mug Free Psd

Close-up hand holding mug Free Psd

This mockup is perfect for advertising or demonstration purposes. You can change not only the image and the color of the cup itself, but also the background.

5. Free Ceramic Cups Templates (PSD) 

Ceramic Cup Mockup 1600x1065

A super realistic mockup of a cup. You can completely customize the design of the ceramic cups with the help of this wonderful template.

6.Free Tumbler Cup Template (PSD)

Tumbler Cup Mockup

Sometimes quick solutions are the most useful and correct. Like a portable cup of coffee. Using this portable coffee cup template is as easy as using such cup in your daily life. Just try it!

7. Free Paper Coffee Cup PSD Mockup Template

Free Paper Coffee Cup PSD Mockup Template

What could be better than a cup of hot coffee with fresh pastries? Just this awesome and easy-to-use coffee cup template. And it's also completely free!

8. Free Black Coffeee Mug PSD Mock-up

Free Black Coffeee Mug PSD Mock-up

This mockup is perfect for personal and commercial use. A beautiful cup with a spoon will be the jewel of your demonstration, just place your unique design on it. Then you need a cup of coffee in the hands of your customers.

9. Useful Design of Coffee Cup PSD Mockup

paper coffee cup mockup

Are you developing a coffee cup for a cafe? Do you want to see what your design will look like in thousands of Instagrams every day? Or more precisely, you need this mockup.

10. Free Awesome Coffee Cup Mockup

Coffee cup mockup scene

In this template, you can handle everything. Customize as you like, change the color of the coffee lids, and enjoy the ease and convenience of this mockup as you enjoy your coffee in the morning.

 10 best business card mockups

1. Modern Branding Identity Mockup

Modern Branding Identity Mockup

At the moment in the contemporary world a business card is the way to success. That’s why the design of a business card is very important, because it is the first thing that speaks about your business. This mockup will allow you to easily put your logo and personal information on a business card, smartphone screen, and even on a paper.

2. Business Cards Stack Mockup

Business Cards Stack Mockup

This template was developed to create a stylish, modern business card. This easy-to-use mockup of business card stack allows you to place your own image on the cards, and also change the background color.

3. Hanging Business Card Template

Hanging Business Card Mockup

This is the blue-eyed boy among the mockups. Minimalistic, but not simple design allows you to show the customer the project of a business card in an original way.

4. Elegant Business Cards Mockup

Elegant Business Cards Mockup

Scientists have proven that the green color has a positive effect on the human neural system. Using this template  to showcase your branding project, you will definitely succeed. And as a pleasant addition, you will save your own nerves, because you will use a ready and well-made mockup.

5. Elegant business card mockup with marble background Free Psd

Elegant business card mockup with marble background

This is a gentle, nude mockup with beautiful plant shadows. It is perfect for holding a demonstration of a design project.

6. Minimal business card mockup stack of business cards mockup Premium Psd

Minimal business card mockup

If you love shadows, as all mockup designers love them..then it will definitely work for you.

7. 5 Free Business Card Mockup Scenes (PSD)

Business Card Mockup Scenes

This business card mockup is a real godsend for any designer. You can show your design from all sides and reflect not only your own vision, but also the expectations of customers.

8. Complete Branding PSD Mockup

Complete Branding Mockup

Only one business card is not enough to create a brand. This mockup presents to your attention a whole set of elements that make up a successful company. Two options for business cards, an envelope and paper for letters, and a logo on the screen of the phone or tablet. This is a real space for creativity in developing a branding project.

9. Free PSD business card mockup

PSD business card mockup

Do you need any advantages over other mockups?What about the automatic side coloring? Checkmate Elon Musk!

10. Download Business Card Mockup PSD 

Orange Business cart mockup

Juicy as a ripe orange business card mockup and not only. Customers will definitely salivate at your design.

 10 best mockups of posters

1. Two Posters Template

Two posters on the wall mockup

A great online mockup for a poster hanging on the wall. Change and customize as you like. You can also change the background color.

2. A4 Sized Paper PSD Template Available For Free

Paper poster Mockup

Stylish A4 poster mockup. You can customize this template according to your need. Also, you can implement your own design ideas, logo, texts etc. It is great for all kinds of business, advertising, and personal use.

3. Outdoor Advertisement Billboard Poster Template Free

Outdoor Advertisement Billboard Poster Mockup

Think more globally? Then this mockup is necessary for your design. And let the whole world see it. Imagine how your poster, advertisement or just a photo is showcased on a large billboard. With this template, you will definitely achieve this.

4. Modern Stationery Branding Poster Mockup

Modern Stationery Branding Poster Mockup

Easy to use and incredibly high-quality poster mockup. Are you engaged in poster design or just want to try yourself as an ad designer, it doesn't matter, because this template is suitable for absolutely everyone.

5. Urban poster template

Poster mockup with graffiti

In the world not everything is so well-groomed and clean. To see your poster in a truly realistic environment you need this online mockup. Color background and contrasting lines of graffiti can favorably accentuate your unique design.

6. Pretty lady holding a poster mockup

Pretty lady holding a poster mockup

A cute girl in the light of the sunset will be able to emphasize your poster design favorably. Everything is simple, you just need to upload your image to this poster mockup.

7. City Construction Mockup

City Construction Mockup

Poster template in urban reality. If you are designing an advertising poster for the construction of a new residential complex, then this mockup will be your business card.

8. Free Horizontal Poster Canvas Mockup on Wooden Chair 

Horizontal Poster on Wooden Chair Mockup

If you need a free mockup for a poster then you have come to the right place. A very cute horizontal poster template in a cozy setting.

9. Outdoor Billboard Mockup PSD

Outdoor Billboard Mockup

We present to your attention an incredibly cool poster mockup. Show your poster design to an outdoor billboard template that will give your customer an impression how the ad will look like in real life.

10. Window Poster Mockup

Window Poster Mockup

This mockup is perfect for advertising cafes or restaurants. A concise, realistic and three-dimensional template will allow you to see the future of your design in the real world.

10 best mockups of books

1. Paperback Book Mockup 

A girl reads a paper book Mockup 

Woman on a cozy sofa reading a book at home - a perfect template for any book promo, be it educational, art or just for entertainment. The book’s mockup has a customizable cover and spine - so you have plenty of space to show off the design of your printed materials.

2. Front Cover Book Mockup

Front Cover Book Mockup

The era of "don't judge a book by the cover" has passed, now judge a book by the cover and with this template you will always win. Realistic book mockup in an urban setting it's a worth making choice.

3. Title Hardcover Book Mockup

Title Hardcover Book Mockup

Book cover design is a 90% success rate. That is why you should use a template that allows you to see the final result of your work. Not only the cover, but also the design of the first page of the book, everything in this mockup can be changed as needed.

4. Book Cover Mockup – Simple Design, Customizable Features & PSD Format 

Book cover on the wooden table mockup

Are you a shark of book business? Then you know for sure that the right cover is half part of the success of your sales. In this mockup, you can change the cover and see how your future book will look in the home of your readers. The mockup has smart layers that make the editing process more easily.

5. Book Cover Design PSD Mockup for Free  

Paper book cover mockup

A great mockup for working in Photoshop. Within just a few clicks your book presentation will be ready. And the appearance will be flawless and photorealistic.

6. Basil & Spice 5 x 8 Hardcover Book Mockup

Two books on a wooden table with leaves mockup

Do you know the recipe for a good book presentation? We need a well-made mockup and your beautiful design. Shaken, not stirred. But seriously, this is a very good template for a cookbook cover.

7. 5 x 8 Book Mockup for Horror and Murder

A book in the sink with drops of blood mockup

One dark night, one designer... created an amazing template for the cover of a horror book. Or maybe for a detective. This mockup can be a great advertisement or part of a successful book presentation.

8. Free Hands Holding Square Book Mockup (PSD)

Free Hands Holding Square Book Mockup

Nothing makes a writer so happy as the person who reads his book. And nothing makes the designer of the book cover more happy than a mock-up with a reading person.

9. 5 Free Book Cover Mockups (PSD)

5 Free Book Cover Mockups

Levitating books, perfectly made shadows and much more are waiting for you in this mockup.

10. Book Cover Template PSD

Book cover mockup with coffee cup

This is an exclusive book cover template. This free mockup created in Photoshop with a smart object layer feature, which makes it very easy to use.

 10 best mockups of magazines.

1. Magazine Mockup Set

Magazine Mockup Set

One of the best mockups for a magazine spread. This will be a great option for demonstrating the magazine template before printing.

2. US Letter Magazine Template

Letter Magazine on the wooden desk Mockup

Incredible magazine mockup! Ultra-realistic and easy to use. This template shows the pages in a spread, you just need to place them in the smart objects and your photorealistic presentation is ready in no-time.

3.  Magazine Template Man Going through a magazine

Magazine mockup

A well-made online mockup for a magazine. This template will be part of your successful demonstration in just a few clicks.

4. Template Men reading a magazine

Magazine mockup on the black table

The spread of two pages of your future magazine, catalog, or even comic book. Just place your image in this mockup and watch your creation come to life.

5. A4 Magazine Cover Mockup

Magazine page spread Mockup

Ambitious and professional designed mock-up. It will be an excellent assistant for the magazine product designer. Multiple spreads, front and back cover views, all of this is incredibly cool done, not to mention the fantastically well-defined shadows.

6. Free Magazine Cover Template

Magazine Cover stack Mockup

This mockup is suitable for a magazine design or a book design. A stack of magazines in a beautiful setting. My hands are reaching out to look through it.

7. Dark gloss magazine mockup

Dark gloss magazine mockup

This mockup is punk among the other mockups. The original, dark design makes it kind of a black pearl among the templates. It's free, but you can leave a donation to the author, it's definitely worth it.

8. Magazine in Hands Mockup

Magazine in Hands Mockup

Super easy to customize mockup. Create your own unique advertising, page design, or just show the template for a new magazine.

9. Free Magazine on Bed Mockup (PSD) 

Magazine on Bed Mockup

What could be better than reading a magazine in bed on a Sunday morning while sipping your cappuccino? Only a free mockup for a magazine spread. Which, by the way, is also suitable for a book.

10. Customizable Magazine Sketch Resource

Magazine Spread Mockup

If you need to show in detail the spread of a magazine page, then this mockup is what you need.

 10 of the best phone mockups

1. Retro Phone Mockup

Retro Phone Mockup

Need the most original phone mockup? This old school will definitely do! Unrivaled classic retro phone template will definitely refresh your design or presentation.

2. Free iPhone 11 Pro mockup

iPhone 11 Pro mockup

A free well-made iPhone mockup will be a great option for app design. Simple and clear, with detailed shadows. But if you need more iPhone templates, then see the iPhone mockups section.

3. Neon device concept mock-up Free Psd

Neon device concept mock-up

Modern and user-friendly mockup in dark colors and neon light. This is exactly what you need for a successful presentation of your design or application. An exciting design will be perfect for your promotional.

4. Traveler Holding Mockup Smartphone

Traveler Holding Mockup Smartphone

Do you want to see how your app will look in real life? And in the hands of users of your application? Just upload your image to this mockup.

5. Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+ mockups

Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+ mockups

Wham! Two templates at once! Mockup of Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ for Sketch and Photoshop.

6.  iPhone 12 Pro Max Template 

Free iPhone 12 Pro Max Mockup

Brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max mockup. This site contains a full and free version of the template, which makes it handy, as it is suitable for personal and commercial use.

7. HTC One M8 Template

HTC One M8 Mockup

The mockup for HTC One M8 is a great opportunity to see what an app, website, or store will look like on different devices. Just upload your image in the correct format.

8. Free iPhone 12 Clay Template – Sketch + Figma

 iPhone 12 Clay Mockup

Free iPhone 12 Mockup for Figma and Sketch. Extremely straightforward to use to get a cute result. It's a very user-friendly mockup.

9. Google Pixel 5 Free Mockups | Figma Elements

Google Pixel 5 Free Mockups

Google Pixel devices are getting more and more popular these days, while hardly ever people use their mockups. Try these ones to spice up your interface!

10. Device Mockups

Device Mockups A Macbook, iPhone, ipad

100% vector, thus fully scalable and flexible! Including latest device models, such as Iphone 12!

10 best 3D mockups

1. This is Chloe — character set

Chloe - character set mockup

This template is a diamond among 3D mockups all over the world. It is presented in three types and three price categories, but believe me, it is worthwhile money. The template includes more than 50 files with a charming 3D model named Chloe and 25 files with separate add-on objects. The mockup is suitable for working in Photoshop, where you can apply solid colors, gradients and custom design, as you want.

2. Dashboard Templates

Dashboard Neon Mockups

3D Mockup of the future, futuristic design of a laptop and smartphone in interesting scenery. This 3D template is specially designed in a dark and light style to suit all your solutions.

3. Clear Glass Dropper Bottle Mockup

Clear Glass Dropper Bottle Mockup

You create the design of cosmetic products? Then you will definitely need this exclusivity 3D mockup of a glass dropper bottle. A well-designed template will help you show your idea to your advantage and will also save you a lot of time, because it is very convenient to work with it.

4. Two Glossy Metallic Stand-Up Pouches Mockup

Two Glossy Metallic Stand-Up Pouches Mockup

We present to your attention - two glossy metallic stand-up pouches template. All the shadows and textures are so carefully crafted that you can see the finished product 99% as it will be in real life.

5. Baseball Cap 3D Template

Baseball Cap 3D Mockup

A rather rare 3D mock-up of a baseball cap. If you are creating your own brand, or developing the design of headdresses, then this is just what you need. A highly detailed template of the baseball cap and as a bonus - mockup of the box for it, will be a great start for creating a brand or your own online store.

6. Cartoon Mockup

Cartoon Mockup Hands with devices

Extremely bold and original template for demonstrating applications on an iPhone and iWatch. In this full set you can select different hand positions, change the color of the device and change the image on the screen. The set also includes several backgrounds such as: toilet, office, living room. Fantastically easy to set up and nice to use.

7. Free Mockup - Can Packaging 3D

Can Packaging 3D

We are going to the planet of cool mockups. This template will be a real alien discovery for designers of iron cans. If you are involved in the development of product design, you know for sure that successfully made packaging is 90% of sales. Because of the detailed drops and haze, it looks like the iron can has crossed outer space.

8. Kraft Paper Box Template

Kraft Paper Box Mockup

If you need a realistic, modern kraft paper box mockup, then this is what you need. Very nice, worked out to the smallest lines of the box, but in addition, this template is also very handy to work with.

9. Satin Scarf Mockup Set

Satin Scarf Mockup Set

An extremely uncommon and rare template of a satin shawl. You can change absolutely everything: background, design, seam thread. Just choose the license type you need and create your own special scarf design in Photoshop.

10. T-Shirt Animated Template

T-Shirt Animated Mockup

This is really the best 3D T-shirt template ever. This is created in such detail that you can change elements like: t-shirt color and design, collar, stripes on the sleeves, sleeves, bottom stripe, thread, highlights, shadows and background. You can also create an animation and save it in the format: animated gif, HD video mp4, jpg, png sequence. But it also has requirements: Adobe Photoshop CC+.

20 best of the best websites, where you can download mockups.

1. CodeMarket

Make a long story short, when I start listing the websites where you can download the mockups, I have to pay tribute to these guys. These handsome guys know their stuff. And in addition, on this site you can find a wide range of application templates.

2. Creative Market

This site does not take its name for nothing, there are really a lot of high-quality and, most importantly, creative mockups.

3. Yellow Images

This is the King of 3D Mockups. Creative fonts, ultra-easy-to-use templates, original objects and much more.

4. Behance 

This website is familiar to every designer. Here you can find and download the templates you need or share your work. A limitless field for creativity.

5. Mockup Tree

If you need free mockups, then go to this website. Here you will find the largest quantity of free templates, so you will definitely be able to find what you need.

6. Dribble 

Every freelancer has visited this website at some point. Here you can find not only mockups for your creativity, but also work. This site offers a great variety of possibilities for developing your creative potential.

7. Smash Mockup

This site includes many free mockups, templates, and logos. If we talk about mockups, there are more than 4000 of them, so this site will definitely be a great tool for any designers.

8. Anagram design

Premium and free templates for every taste! Even if you are hard to satisfy.

9. PSD freebies

Customize your mockups online, on this site you will find a myriad of templates. It's as simple as a piece of cake.

10. Good Mockups

Another site with a great selection of mockups. Here you can find the largest variety of realistic templates. This site is especially suitable for designers who are engaged in the development of posters for construction projects.

11. Ui8 

Here is a collection of smartphone templates and other devices. This site will be a great helper for you if you are developing applications.

12. Poster Mockup

Another specialized website that presents poster mockups.

13. Placeit 

Here you can insert your images in the mockup for free in real time.

14. Covervault 

Website for those who are engaged in the design of book covers. Here you can find a template for any book style to show your product in the most profitable way.

15. Daily Mockup

A templates for every day and for every night. It depends on when you prefer to work on your masterpieces.

16. Mockup Download 

Exclusive mockups for branding, cars, signs, billboards, and anything else.

17. PSD Mockups

On this site you will find a great variety of PSD mockups. Pay your close attention to the 3D templates presented on this site.

18. Zippy Pixel

This website was impossible to skip. Here you can find high-quality mockups for food, cosmetics, and much more.

19. Unblast

From vector icons to super realistic templates for designers from all areas , you can find it all on this website.

20. Design Shack

And last, but not least, this website contains a variety of clothing mockups that you won't find on other sites.

What is a mockup and what is it used with?

Mockup is an eco friendly assistant for designers and freelancers from all over the world. With the assistance of mockups, the designer can demonstrate to the customer what the final product will look like. Usually these are already created files in psd format with layers that allow the designer to overlay design elements on the picture of the subject. When working with mockups, the working time is significantly reduced, it is easier to make edits, and as a nice bonus, nature is preserved, because there is no need to print hundreds of pages with possible design options.

Mockup is a pre-developed design model of an object or device used to show the appearance of a product. It's a way to visualize how your design will look when it gets out into the real world.

You can make a mockup for your product yourself or use the ones already created, which will make your work easier and more convenient. In order to optimize your work, spend less time and do everything more qualitatively, you can use pre-made mockups for your design.

Why is a mockup a best friend of a designer?

Creating a good mockup is going to take a lot of time, which you could spend on working out your design or on your personal time. So in the interest of saving time, you could use a pre-made mockup. On the Internet, you can find many mockups that are exactly suitable for a successful demonstration of your design. Maybe you will find the mockup you need in the specially chosen mockups at the bottom of this article.

Are you wondering why you should use mockups in your work? So let me get this straight. The mockup has a lot of benefits:

Cutting working hours

Imagine that you need to do a job immediately. You have a design, but you need to prepare it for customer demonstration. To create a product mockup, you will spend an average of 4 to 6 hours, depending on the difficulty and quantity of the mockups. But you can make your work faster, if you download a pre-made mockup. As you know, time is money.

For example, you create a design for a weather tracking app. For a successful demonstration, you need to show how the application will look in real time - front end in other words. You can draw the phone model, create smart layers, and spend a lot of time and effort that you could put into working with your creative ideas. So instead of doing the extra work,  just download a good mockup that will show your app perfectly.

Very convenient for demonstration

Product demonstration is an extremely important step, and the mockup is great for demonstration. Let's assume that you create a T-shirt design for a competition with a large quantity of participants.

Your design is excellent, but this is not enough for the competition, because you also need to show it properly. Then you will find an appropriate, original mockup that will accentuate your design.

Easy to use

Using a mockup is much easier than creating one. The process of creating a mockup is not a simple labor, which takes a lot of time. But using an already made mockup is much easier and helpful for beginning designers. As a rule, mockups are created by professionals, that's why they are technically made very well. This is a good experience that will come in handy later when you will create your own mockup. In the meantime,  to put your design on the mockup, you just need to follow three simple steps.

  1. You load mockup (PSD) into the program where you are working with the design, and in the layer management area, look for the layer with the Smart Object icon. Most often, this layer is marked with "Put your design here" or "Your design".
  2. Click on the smart layer icon.
  3. You will open a new window in which to place your design, and then click "save".
  4. All ready.

Point to bug's of the design

Also you can use the mockup to see the design bug. Design of the product doesn't exist apart from it, the image is inseparable from the object on which it is applied. It can be difficult to evaluate the design in its expanded form. That is why the mockup is a great way to see how the design is overlaid on the object, and if there are any bugs to fix.

As you can see, using mockups is much better than creating your own. You will save time, effort and your creative potential, and therefore you will be able to earn more spending more time on other things.

What design software are mockups used for?

You have already learned enough about the benefits of using pre-made mockups, now let's look at the design programs where you can work with it. There are a number of programs for using mockups:


Sketch is a vector graphics editor for macOS.

It is primarily used for user interface and user experience design of websites and mobile apps and doesn't include print design features.

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop is a multi-functional image editor developed and distributed by Adobe Systems. It mainly works with raster images, but it has some vector tools.

Raster images can be used in a variety of ways. They are a grid of pixels — colored dots (usually square) on a display screen. A raster graphics editor is a specialized program designed to create and process raster images, that is, graphics that are written to the computer's memory as a set of points, and not as a set of formulas for geometric shapes. Perfect for working with photos.

Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor developed and distributed by Adobe Systems.


Figma is a vector graphics editor, which works as an online service for creating interfaces and prototyping with the possibility of cooperation in real-time.

3D Max

Autodesk 3dsMax is a professional 3D modeling, animation, and visualization software for game development and design.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is an app for desktop publishing and typesetting. It can be used to create works such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, presentations, books and etc.

It allows you to create documents for output to both industrial-level printing machines and desktop printers, as well as export the created documents to various formats of electronic publications.

Corel DRAW

CorelDRAW is a vector graphics editor, and it also includes the possibility to edit raster graphics.

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