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Learn SSH In 6 Minutes

Originally published here on YouTube.
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More info on SSH:
The Windows Putty Client:
Using rsync to transfer files:

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In this tutorial, you’re going to learn all about SSH and how to use it as a web developer. Towards the end of the tutorial, we’ll look at some real examples of connecting to servers via SSH so keep watching to see how you can make use of SSH for your projects.

This beginners guide to SSH will take you through the basics of setting up a connection with SSH and also transferring files. You will also learn about the importance of SSH and how to create your own private key which can be used to authenticate you with the remote servers that you want to administer.

SSH can also be used to secure any network resource e.g. HTTP or FTP. We’ll take a look at some examples of this at the end of the video.

We'll make some example connections to remote servers hosted by Digital Ocean in this tutorial and you will see how you can log in as a remote user and run commands on a server to help set it up for your web hosting needs.

In summary, SSH or more specifically connecting to remote servers with SSH, is an incredibly useful tool to help you administer the resources that host your web sites and apps. You can also use it to transfer your local web development project to a remote server once it is ready to be published.

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