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CodeCast for streaming your coding session

A New Form of Developer Media
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CodeCast allows you to stream and record your coding session. It captures every file save as a change and records it. Every change is captured as if it's a git commit. This was you don't have to make many commits when teaching or showcasing a piece of code.

CodeCast is very effective in teaching coding as students can see every change that happens along with the session and not just the final state of the code. They are able to view the entire project tree and copy code from the web page and they can also see the changes diff.

As many coders can attest, coding is about the process. It's almost never a straight line from the feature description to the finished code. There are usually lots of edits, back-and-forth, different solution attempts...etc Live coding helps less-experienced coders learn about the thinking process of experienced ones.

Give CodeCast a try whether you're teaching online or in a classroom environment. It's fairly simple, download the CodeCast Studio and sign up for an account!


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