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EP15: Learning to Build Mobile Applications for Android

On this episode, we welcome Android developer and lover of all things Java,Dennis. Cynthia is back from Facebooks' F8 event with an interesting on update on the announcements made at the conference.

We take a look at Googles new devices, the Pixel 3A & Pixel 3A XL, their new additions to Google Assistant as well as the biggest announcement for most android developers regarding Kotlin.

We discuss the differences betweenKotlin andJava as primary languages for building applications for mobile devices. With so many comparisons on the inter-web it's easy to get lost in getting started.

We also draw comparisons between Native,Hybrid App development and Progressive Web Apps which have gotten popular for a few years now. However, it remains to be seen if this changes

Starting out as an Android developer requires understanding key concepts around best practices and we delve into some of these best practices to give you the best jump start.

This is a special episode for the team, it's been a year since CodeCast began so Happy Anniversary to us.

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