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EP17: Product Management vs Project Management

In the news, we discuss WWDC and all the releases from Apples' much anticipated event, this includes, their $999 stand. We also discuss the Huawei ban and the ripple effect it has had on the industry. Will it be reversed? Will this be a turning point for innovation and the end of an over reliance on Google services? Send us your thoughts...

On this episode, we talk about building products and managing this process, Cynthia highlights her career progression and explains the differences between a Product Manager and a Project Manager...

We discuss the role of Human Centred Design in developing in any project. Our guest, Joebbrian, gives is insight into how much of a game changer it is in knowing what your potential users consider a great experience before you even build your solution.

Finally, Cynthia gives key recommendations on how startups and corporations can make use of Product Management principles to save money and build solutions that please users right off the bat...

Recommendations and Links to key tools needed to improve your product development journey:

  • Jira *for our sprints and work breakdown structures *
  • Slack *For internal updates on a product development and can be connected to Jira *
  • Basecamp *for communication with clients. This can also be connected to Jira via a plug in *
  • Trello Boards
  • Meistertask

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