What type of developer are you - light theme or dark theme?

codemenatalie profile image Natalia ・1 min read

A lot of people say frontend developers use dark themes for their code editors and light one are used by backend developers. Do you agree with that statement? And why do you like light/dark themes you are using?


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Really depends on the person.

For me, it's dark theme for everything(from twitter to VScode themes, haha). My eyes just can't deal with so much white on the screen lol


I think it's an overgenralization to say that specific groups of devs prefer specific themes.

As for me, dark themes all the way, but I also have an odd mix of idiopathic nystagmus, complex astigmatism, myopia, and light sensitivity that makes it much harder for me to read dark text on a light background.


I tried light theme on VSCode for a while because I liked the color palette. I changed to dark theme (It's called the Panda Theme) because it was easier on my eyes and I didn't feel like my eyes were straining anymore :) I also think it depends on the person whether they prefer light vs dark themes, and on the type of code editor they use. Maybe not all editors have the ability to change themes


Dark theme my eyes get for EVERYTHING(in the screen shot windows, chrome, intellij, and the android emulator.
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10x developers -> dark theme
1x developers -> light theme