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Discussion on: How much coffee do you drink?

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Jason C. McDonald • Edited

4-6 cups a day.

But, disclaimer, I have confirmed with my general practitioner that moderate levels of caffeine have little to no effect on me specifically. At most, it nudges my body rhythm in the direction it's already going. More recently, I have also learned that because coffee (specifically coffee, not the caffeine) naturally boosts production of some neurotransmitters I tend to run low on, it does have a mild calming effect; the caffeine counteracts that benefit for most people, but as I said, it doesn't act that way on me.

The smell and taste are relaxing and remind me to focus, which make it excellent for work hours for me. I also enjoy a cup just before bed, as it complements my natural rhythm; nights I have coffee before bed, I fall asleep a little smoother than nights without, but the effect isn't so profound that I really need it, so I forget about it more nights than not!

I also take advantage of my love of coffee by requiring myself to finish drinking my refillable 16 oz bottle of water before I can refill my mug. As a result, my enjoyment of coffee ensures I drink the equivalent of 8-10 glasses of water a day.

I've further confirmed against a tolerance by skipping coffee altogether for days or weeks, and switching to decaf in other trials. Not only did skipping it have no effect on me (apart from losing the few aforementioned mild benefits), I could immediately resume my normal consumption levels after any length of time.

Mind you, I'm talking about regular drip or pour-over coffee, and I like it strong! Concentrated caffeine, such as in Americanos or cappuccinos, does cause a bit of shaking, so I avoid those altogether.

So, all that said, know your own body. Understand how different things affect your function, your mood, your body's rhythm, and your psychology. Also keep your general practitioner in the loop. There is no one size fits all.

P.S. If you drink decaf, look for Swiss water process decaffeinated beans. That process doesn't involve the chemicals that give typical store-bought decaf it's nasty taste. Swiss water process decaf tastes the same as regular coffee. Starbucks uses this process exclusively for its decaf.

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Michael Tharrington (he/him)

Wow, good tip on the decaf. Gonna have to check this out!

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Sean Allin Newell

Wow, such discipline! Sometimes I tell myself 'no more coffee until you finish your water', I should stick to that.

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