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Jason C. McDonald • Edited

No. Absolutely, no. I have eight years experience hiring and training junior developers, as I mentioned elsewhere, and I have never needed them to know any of this (or the equivalents from our stack)! And yes, before long, they were proficient.

All I ask of them in the technical skills is:

  • Working proficiency in some programming language. Any programming language. It really doesn't matter which one.
  • Familiarity with essential programming concepts: variables, functions, loops, etc.
  • Familiarity with at least one paradigm: OOP, functional, generic, etc.

The rest can be picked up on the job. You should be expecting that with a junior.

And yes, most of the juniors I've hired have had little to no experience with the languages we use at MousePaw Media, but that has not been much of an obstacle at all. They're intelligent! Their first assignment is usually to code review a more experienced developer's Differential (think Pull Request), referencing the language documentation and asking questions to understand what all is happening. The first month is a little rough for them, but before long, they're quite proficient.

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Prosper Opara Author

This really looks reasonable!

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stalha97 • Edited

I am looking for internship positions and I am facing this issue right now. All of the organizations are expecting me to already know every language and framework, I am baffled.

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Jason C. McDonald

If you're still looking come August 15, check out MousePaw Media's internship program. (That's when hiring for the next cohort opens.)