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re: This is more of a learning question. I study and study but I just can't grasp programming concepts, I still program but it feels like I'm a blind p...

There are two possibilities I see here:

Option One is that you might not have had things explained in a way that makes sense to you. I posted big list of books and courses in response to @justaguy , and one of those is an excellent book called "Computational Fairy Tales" that explains things in a different way. It might help you get unstuck. If it does, also check out "Game Programming Patterns".

Option Two is that programming may not be right for you. Not everyone will be a great programmer. Some people just don't have the same natural talent for logical-analytical as others...and that's FINE! Everyone has their own genius, and I know you'll find yours.

If you really want to work in programming, but find that you just don't have the mind for it, you may look into one of these career paths instead:

  • Developer Advocate
  • Project Manager
  • Technical Writer
  • User Advocate

There are many more options besides. You don't have to be a skilled programmer to be involved in software development. There are plenty of other roles to be filled, which most programmers really don't want to have to do because it takes them away from writing code!


Thanks a lot i will defo give those books a read :), also thanks again for the advice much appriciated also a new outlook on my career :) !

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