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re: So what kind of projects your interns do? Can you give few examples.

Three different interns worked on our string class, which is the first in C++ to be both fully UTF-8 compatible with all operators and functions, while being completely compatible with std::string and C-strings.

Interns have also worked on implementing the data structures we optimized for our game engine; the performance of these data structures actually beats the C++ standard library.

One team designed the foundations for a vector animation engine. We'll be building it again from scratch, not because that team did anything wrong, but because, as usual in coding, "you always throw the first one away." It needs a refactor, but all of the early work now informs future coding.

Several other interns have worked on prototyping components of the scripting language for our game engine, and designing pieces of our educational content engine. One of them wrote a content leveling algorithm we're going to reimplement in the finished engine; another created a critical content development tool.

Granted, that will probably sound like a lot of "planning," but 2015-2018 was focused primarily on figuring out how to solve a lot of hard problems. Now that those are solved, the next round of interns will be implementing these things into reality.

When you're designing a game engine, there's a wide variety of tasks to be done. :)

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