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Good tips. I'd add one more.

If the "position" promises a job at another company after you complete their training, and you don't have to pay for anything unless you don't complete the program and/or stick with the job they place you in, RUN. While technically legal, these schemes are highly predatory. From what I know, the training is sub-par, and you will be paid far below market value once you get a job; a huge portion of your salary is actually going to the "placement company". And, if you don't complete your contract, you're out thousands of dollars.

And yes, I could give you the names of two such companies right now that use this predatory scheme. These are effectively white-collar scams.

NO legitimate internship, training program, bootcamp, college, or entry level position will demand repayment because you quit. A major purpose of any internship or entry level position is for you to learn what the job is like, and if you're a good fit. And any legitimate training program or educational institution is either completely free in all cases, or requires payment of tuition whether you finish or not.


Thanks for the addition of this tip Jason! These types of placements don't seem to be common here in the UK, but clearly is something to watch out for.

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