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Discussion on: Illusion of differences between Operating Systems, Programming Languages and Web Frameworks

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Jason C. McDonald • Edited

I think the trouble is, you're comparing your experience with a very specific project (web application-based Kanban boards) to an industry consisting of hundreds of disciplines, tens of thousands of applications of those disciplines, and millions of projects thereof.

Web development isn't directly comparable to application development, which isn't directly comparable to systems development, which isn't directly comparable to data science, to embedded systems, to machine learning, to whatever.

The majority of programmers/software developers/computer engineers over the last 50+ years were rational, intelligent people. If they created a tool or language, it was usually because they needed it, and nothing existed which did exactly what they needed. To accuse the whole lot of them of unnecessarily "reinventing the wheel" would be just as presumptive as to claim one language is inherently superior as another.

P.S. I'd say for everyone one real-world project stuck quibbling over language/framework, there are a hundred that just started building. Not every project is stalled on the Angular vs. React fact, most programmers don't care. The sane majority just goes unnoticed, because they aren't lending their voices to the clambor of the quibbling few.

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Lauri Ojansivu Author

Of course all those Operating Systems/programming languages/web frameworks are necessary, they have a lot of users, software etc.