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re: Maybe it depends on the person and/or Linux distribution. I have never been great on system administration but once I got used to Linux it was more...

It is rather funny to see that assessment, seeing how many computer illiterates, many of them seniors, whom I've trained to use Ubuntu (in 15 minutes, no command line). They are not only proficient at using it even still, but vocally recommend it to others.

Not to say your opinion is invalid, Alvaro. :) Just maybe not wholly objective?

My opinion is completely subjective (and unpopular and controversial, seeing the comments 😊). It's more anecdotal, based on my personal experience, and heavily conditioned by the distributions that I used: Red Hat was a pain to set up (we even had a whole lab at school to do so); in Mandrake, when something went wrong, it went really wrong (and things went wrong often); Linex and Guadalinex were fun (there are some cool projects in Spain where they use them to introduce seniors in rural areas to technology); with Ubuntu everything was easy (compared to the others, it is the less Linux-like version of Linux); ...

Maybe if I had only tried Ubuntu first, I would have a different overview of Linux. But my first experiences with Red Hat and Mandrake were not that positive and they conditioned my view of it. There are a lot of distributions of Linux and not all of them are user-friendly.

Heh. Valid. Many distros really aren't user friendly, I'll give ya that!

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