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S4 E8: Brendan & Matt, Fig

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Brendan Falk is originally from Australia. Growing up, he was always into computers, sports, extra curricular activities - he was the kid who always had a side hustle going on. Once he got to college, he built a currency converting startup to help him pay his tuition fees... and he has been toying around with startup ideas ever since.

His partner, Matt Schrage, is from San Fran originally - and he confesses, that its hard to escape tech when you are from the area. He started coding as early a middle school, and hasn't stopped since. And outside of tech... he builds more tech! Tinkering with embedded hardware, robotics and mini-machines.

After applying to Y Combinator, they were invited to interview with the accelerator. During the interview, they decided to change from their original idea. After that, their YC partner advised them to pivot yet again... so change has been a regular occurrence for this team since the beginning. They realized that every time they went to get setup on a new project, they had to go through the same commands on the terminal, over and over again. Every time, they either forgot what they were, or encountered an issue with their environment that needed to be dug into. They thought, how can we solve the problem of making the terminal easier to use?

This is the creation story of Fig.


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