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CodeStream 7 -- in-editor Code Reviews

I've been an engineer for 30+ years, and an entrepreneur for the last 25. The one thing I've always wanted was more communication among the developers on a team, so we founded CodeStream to try to fix that. Our mission is to make it easier for developers to talk about code, and CodeStream 7 is probably our biggest release to date:

  1. With one command, request feedback on a snapshot of your repo, including uncommitted & unpushed code, allowing you to verify that your work-in-progress is on the right track. (You can also do it the old-fashioned way by committing & pushing at the end of your dev sprint, of course)
  2. Review teammates’ code in your IDE, with full source tree context, your favorite keybindings, jump-to-definition, etc.
  3. Comments on reviews are visible in your IDE as source code annotations after merging, creating a historical record of discussions and decisions.
  4. Live View allows you to (optionally) see your teammates’ local changes at-a-glance, and highlights potential merge conflicts pre-commit.

These features are available today for VS Code and JetBrains editors, with more editor support to come. Companies like Zoom, Okta, Intuit and Salesforce are on board.

It's free to try, free for open source projects, and free for educational use. I'd love to hear any feedback you all may have. Thanks!

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