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Programming with Shahan
Programming with Shahan

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Fastest way to learn to code and get fired!

Here are the 5 tips for quitting programming very effectively.

  1. Always copy past. Don't ever try to understand. So that you will learn to program for nothing and will quit easily.

developer don't know code

  1. Don't take any break, always check if you have any errors and immediately keep looking for answers from day to night. This way you will get frustrated and immediately quit.

Developer fixing bugs day to night

  1. Learn lot of concepts at a time and never ever check your knowledge. This way, you will easily forget everything you learned and will quit.

Developer don't write code except reading

  1. Don't build any single project, it will bit your programming experience, and will never understand what the actual programming is. This way you will get unmotivated and will quit.

Developer don't build any single project

  1. And lastly, Don't ever try to involve in any physical activity. It will make your body suitable for disease so that you will quit programming very effectively.

developer got illness due to physical inactivity

Developer destroying computer

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Thanks for reading and have a hot day!

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