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Rachel Bird
Rachel Bird

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A Saved By the Bell Debugging Mystery

Inspired by true events.

“What are you doing, Screech? Zack asked after hitting him lightly on the back of the head as a greeting.

Screech peered into the monitor of the laptop he had perched on his knees as he sat on the stairs in the hallway of Bayside High. “I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with my app.”

AC Slater materialized in a turquoise tank top and black Hammer pants. “Hey, preppy, he said with a head nod at Zack. “What’s the dweeb doing?”

“He can’t figure out what’s wrong with his computer program, Zack said.

Screech sighed. “It’s a web app. You know? Like Facebook is a web app?”

Kelly Kapowski showed up in her Bayside cheer uniform, holding some pom poms. “Isn’t that built in React? she asked.

Zack and Slater exchanged confused glances.

“Why yes, Kelly. It is, Screech said smugly.

“Screech is teaching me how to be a Software Developer, Kelly told Zack and Slater. “Scoot over, Screech. Let me see what’s going on.”

Screech made room for her and they looked into his monitor together. Zack and Slater stood by in disbelief, their jealousy building fast. Why was she sitting so close to him instead of them?

“I’ve never seen that error before, Kelly said worriedly. “You checked what Node environment you’re in?”

“Yeah. I’ve checked everything and it’s all how it should be, Screech said sadly.

“Well, it’s saying your API calls are failing so something’s off, Kelly responded.

Lisa Turtle and Jessie Spanno joined the crowd but Kelly and Screech were too busy to notice their arrival.

“What’s going on here? Lisa asked.

“Apparently our little Screech is teaching Kelly how to be a dweeb, Slater said.

Jessie laughed. “Kelly? Oh please.”

Lisa whirled around. “Girl, don’t. I’m sick of you putting her down.”

Jessie flipped her hair back. “What are you talking about? I don’t put Kelly down.”

Lisa raised her eyebrows. “Give it a rest. I know what I see.”

“Yeah, mama. You kind of make her out to be not so smart, Slater said. “But she’s pretty awesome.”

“And she has a great sense of humor, Zack added. “We don’t give her enough credit for it.”

“She’s the nicest person I know, Lisa said. “So just butt out, Jessie. If she wants to be a dweeb like Screech, then let her.”

Jessie put her hands up, turned around, and walked away.

“You tried running all the different start scripts, and deleting the build folder. You even deleted the projects and cloned them again. I don’t know what to tell you, Screech, Kelly said, completely unaware of the conversation that had happened around her.

“Maybe he needs to throw that one out and get a new computer, Zack said.

“Good idea, Screech said.

Kelly laughed. “How about you restart it?”

Screech did and then started his server again. “Wow!”

“Look at that! Kelly said with delight. “Your app is back up.”

Lisa patted Kelly on the back. “You rock. She turned to Zack and Screech. “Group high five?”


Freeze frame. Bayside out.

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Ben Halpern

I wish my dev team group high-fived 😕

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

I mean we could

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Ben Halpern

Put it in the employee handbook @jess !

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Jess Lee

Best thing I've read all day