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Wonderful article. Long term (nearly 20 years professional) programmer here, I've cycled the company types, academia, languages/platforms and faced many of the same problems. I worry about ageism (I'm 41 now) but know that I'm experienced enough to be more effective for the most part than juniors in a lot of cases. As I advance in years, I'm taking more joy in mentoring though.

It's so important to have non-programming related activities as you identified. I've produced electronic music, studied and taught meditation and I write poetry and prose, to name but a few. I cook, exercise, spend time in nature and quite enjoy photography too. Travel also helps - a new location lends itself to fresh perspectives.

I find it hard to imagine still programming professionally when I'm 60. But I don't know what else I'll do (maybe become a therapist and help burnt out programmers!).

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