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Ayobami Ogundiran
Ayobami Ogundiran

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Get Solutions To Laravel Errors Right In The Stack Traces.


Getting solutions to errors have been one of the major challenges that take much of my time as a learner with an art background. This situation is probably applicable to many other developers around the globe, so I have taken it as my responsibility to help developers, especially beginners, find solutions to various errors with ease.

It is common to search solutions to errors randomly with the hope of finding one which -- sometimes -- takes a lot of developers' time and effort. That is obviously not a bad thing! But I believe developers' time would be conserved to some extent if the solution or links to solutions to a given error comes with such error.

That is why I built a laravel package that gives developers(especially beginners) superpowers to get solutions to laravel errors right in the stack traces with ease. This package can only solve about five laravel errors currently. I am still curating errors, so it will be appreciated if you can help all along.

Above all, a need your view on how to make this project better.

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