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That's an interesting observation. I've got a university background so I always viewed the 'theoretical' way of learning to be learning about computer science theory from textbooks, and not actually writing much code. Practical learning always involved building a project and referring to documentation to help me understand the 'right' way to do things for the framework/language concerned.

Where do you think reading blogs and watching tutorial videos falls in terms of learning?


Thanks for your reply. It depends on the blog post or the videos. If it's just a tutorial like "Getting started", it will take part of the practical way but if it explains how it works it will take part of the theoretical way.


I think that watching videos or reading blog post is somewhat like attending a lecture or reading a textbook but simplified. Although it depends if the video/post is guiding you through a project or something like that it would lean towards the practical side. I see it more like a spectrum.


Yes agree with this. I guess what I think of when I think of lectures, is like compiler theory which was mostly about first-order logic, or architecture units which focused on designing systems using class diagrams and UML. The actual act of programming definitely took a back seat haha. Most of the online video training I've seen is more comparable to a tutorial or lab at university. Either way it doesn't matter, it's just an interesting observation.

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