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Coffee with Butterscotch: A Gamedev Comedy PodcastCoffee with Butterscotch: A Gamedev Comedy Podcast

[Ep305] The Beauty and the Terror

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Good day, Shenanites! This week, we talk about dad issues, honeymoon phases, and the other 300 things. It’s impossible to be aware of the things you’re not aware of. But once you become aware of them, it’s time to refactor. Sure, the structure is the culture, but the culture is also the structure. If you don’t ask why, you’re gonna have a bad time. Questions answered (abbreviated): - Balbus hwispit: What does 2021 Bscotch recommend for maintaining vision and enthusiasm when working with ideas that can’t possibly all fit in your head at once? To stay up to date with all of our buttery goodness subscribe to the podcast on Apple podcasts ( or wherever you get your audio goodness. If you want to get more involved in the Butterscotch community, hop into our DISCORD server at and say hello! Submit questions at, disclose all of your secrets to, and send letters, gifts, and tasty treats to Finally, if you’d like to support the show and buy some coffee FOR Butterscotch, head over to

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