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Tokencamps AMA talks about the metaverse: what long-term opportunities will it bring?

As one of the top ten Internet buzzwords in 2021, the metaverse has been a hot mess this year, with all kinds of capital pouring in. Under the buzz, we need to be more rational. Although the metaverse represents the future direction of technology development, it is still in the early stage of construction and needs to be upgraded to grow gradually.

On March 20, our community hosted an online AMA with tokencamps founder Keaden to share why high-performance computing and creator protection are extremely important in the growth of the metaverse.


A decentralized cloud computing network is an essential infrastructure for the metaverse


Currently, traditional cloud service providers, represented by Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, are still the dominant players.

A centralized network is a single enterprise that provides all the infrastructure using a limited number of locations and a handful of networks. If you want to scale, these solutions are often very expensive because only a limited number of providers can offer the service. Also, they can only provide facilities in a limited number of locations/countries, which means you can't get the best performance when your network has to connect with global users.


The following is a compilation of the content of this sharing.


It's great to welcome keaden as a guest on today's AMA Syndicate to discuss the hot meta-universe with the community of voiceovers.


First of all, please introduce yourselves and your main crypto areas of interest.


Keaden: Hi everyone I'm keaden and I'm one of the founders of tokencamps. Tokencamps is a digital news and research media outlet focused on cryptocurrencies, digital assets and blockchain. Tokencamps covers worldwide blockchain and crypto news, industry insight and research to meet the needs of blockchain beginners, enthusiasts, practitioners, investors and any type of readers.


Please tell us how you see the metaverse.

Keaden: The concept of a metaverse is now a big hit, with some ideas that it is a parallel world to reality, like the one described in "Top Gun" or in some game like "My World" or "sandbox", where you put on VR and go to another world where you can start another life; or like the deomo of Zuckerberg's meta, which is a virtual world similar to the real one. sandbox", put on VR and go to another virtual world where you can start another life; or as Zuckerberg's meta deomo describes, it is a virtual world similar to the real world. Relying on the technology of VR and AR to allow people to go to new worlds, based on that kind of imagination, it has been possible to achieve experiences that are currently unattainable in the flesh.

This is the metaverse that most people imagine nowadays, but there is another view, that is, when our digital life is more important than our physical life, that is, the metaverse is not another world, but a point in time in the future, it is not independent of our world, but our future.

In fact, our contemporary life is running to "that" metaverse, our payment, our entertainment, are quietly changing because of the development of technology in the information age.

It may take us more than 20 years to reach that meta-universe, where the focus of people's lives on electronic information gradually overtakes their physical lives, and that is the meta-universe.

The metaverse, for now, is an online, immersive space where users can learn, work, play and socialize in an environment different from the current one.

I first learned about the metaverse through the movie "Top Gun", but of course, some scholars insist that it is not a real metaverse, in fact, everyone's understanding may be fragmented, so I do not want to define "it" here. I'm going to talk about some of the things that the meta-universe might need to be able to find in Crypto

  1. No need for centralization, preferably decentralization, because the universe is fluid and not controlled by "that hand".

2, no rules, but also to decentralize, so the need for DAO governance, the need for a more fair and just way to develop.

3、Spanning, we say the world is multi-dimensional, so only accessible across to have better links, is this and "cross-chain" some relationship?

4, the relationship of rights, especially the arrival of Web3, all things will have an identity, and the identity is unique, such as each person has its own exclusive "0x".

There are many more, so I won't list them all here. But I've been thinking about a question that hasn't been answered yet, that is, does the metaverse need to be pass-through? That is to ask those Internet giant companies need to chain reform? It may be easier to solve some practical problems with pass-through, and you need to be able to "play", which is why there are so many multi-universe projects in the blockchain field one after another.


Many media reports say that Axie brought attention to the metaverse and that Gamefi is the best entry point to the metaverse, how do you feel about that?


I think Axie just brings attention to the meta-universe in this area of blockchain, not that Gameifi is necessarily the best entry point to the meta-universe, and this phenomenon may be temporary.

You can see that the promo of Microsoft's Microsoft Team has given enough imagination space for metaverse, and this picture may even become reality in the first half of next year, but after entering the space, more usage scenarios, as well as economic foundation, are needed to pry people's imagination space for metaverse. In general, blockchain technology is an indispensable economic machine for metaverse, but speculation on coins If speculation keeps becoming the theme in this market, the value of this market will also be overdrawn all the time, and it will also cause many difficult legal problems.

At the current stage, we think the chain tour is an application of blockchain out of the circle, Axie is on fire, in fact, we think it is a thing of quite meta-universe, in the world of meta-universe, people can definitely make money through labour in the electronic information world, just like in real life, but at the current stage, Gamefi still stays in the stage of the bubble more than value, so many people can't accept it. But at this stage, Gamefi is still at the stage of bubble overvalue, so many people can't accept it, they think it's unbelievable, they think it's not right, but the development of things can't be done overnight, there will be a stage of gradually removing the bubble to the actual. In this stage, we should evaluate the risks of participating in GameFi and metaverse projects.

When the information age is more developed, people will eventually be freed from manual labour and there will be more opportunities to earn money in the virtual world.

Many of the infrastructures and technologies involved in the metaverse are actually immature. How many years do people expect it will take to get the metaverse industry off the ground? Is it appropriate for ordinary people to get involved now?

I think it will take at least 5 years to really realize the availability of the metaverse scenario because the infrastructure and technology changes still need a big cycle. The 2020 epidemic has advanced the digital development process and accelerated the development process of blockchain and digital currency, but the meta-universe needs too much infrastructure, just like building a city, you can't make a city work by paving roads and buildings alone, the board of the meta-universe needs builders, and it's too early for ordinary people to participate.

If the participation you are talking about is playing the chain tour, then we highly recommend it, because honestly, participating in the chain tour is not a small threshold, in the process of participation, we need to learn too many things, need to understand too many concepts, maybe in the domestic environment is more hype than practical application, but learn how to screen good projects, how to be responsible for your investment, we encourage this kind of learning, because the application of blockchain is really fascinating, whether it is a technical concept or an economic model, seriously drilling and then participating, it will definitely be rewarding.


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