New Devs, Your Resume Sucks

Colin Morgan on April 18, 2018

Let's start with the bad news, if you're a New or Junior Developer, your resume probably sucks. Now for the good news, it's not your fault. You... [Read Full]
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adding mine here so you can either love or hate it.

Always having mine on my blog, both in german and english

Plus a Project page for the stuff I did beside Developing (german but usable with G Translate)


Very interesting resume with a photo, date of birth, marital status, and number of children. I assume that is an accepted standard in the part of the world you live in.


In germany a photo is mostly a must, albeit if I think about the potential implication for POC it should be banned imho. I learned it this way and it was never a problem for me (due to being white and male #privilege). The amount of kids is a must so companies know what they have to deal with in terms of flexibility

Wow, what a huge cultural difference compared to western countries. I can't imagine being asked how many kids I have when being considered for a job or to provide a photo. Very interesting!

My thoughts exactly, very interesting. Though Germany is a western country so I guess we should say compared to the US.


That's true. You are never to underestimate power of a portfolio. It gives a basis for technical talk.


Awesome piece! How do you recommend listing open source contributions? Projects you don't own yourself.


If I had a couple of different OSS projects that I've contributed to I would probably put them in their own section titled "Open Source Projects" or something similar. If it's just one project I would probably include it in my personal projects section and be clear that it's OSS and provide details about my contributions.

Honestly, it seems to be pretty rare for newer Devs to be OSS contributors. Which is unfortunate because I think there's a lot to be learned from the process. I'm a decade in and there are times I still feel like contributing is too confrontational for me to enjoy it.

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